In the ages before the Dominances, Arcaria was full of sin and chaos.  The Cerulean Law did not exist, nor did even the Archons.  The world was ruled by the one we now call The Foe, although in those times his name was terrible and freely known to all.  From his will were created demons and monsters, nightmares given flesh and power over the mortal races to do with as they desired. For The Foe hated order, hated goodness, hated light, and in his realm he gloried in their dark absence.

But Arcaria was not a world without hope.  Mankind prayed to God, and God was moved by their prayers.  He could not come to Arcaria himself, for The Foe was cunning and had warded the lands against divine intervention.  But God too was wise, and he split himself into the Six Archons.  Able now to pass through the wards, the Archons came to Arcaria and brought righteous war to The Foe's armies.  For six years, the Great War raged across the land, but in the end the Archons prevailed, and imprisoned The Foe in a cage beyond the world.

After the war, the Archons assembled the surviving mortal races under the first Summit of Ascension.  Those individuals who displayed the most valor and righteousness during the war were given the Touch of Divinity, and ascended to become Exarchs.  The Archons then passed the Cerulean Law, which split the land into the Dominances, re-established the natural order, and ensured that The Foe could never threaten Arcaria again.

The peace Arcaria enjoys to this day is a result of the benevolence of the Archons and the righteousness of the Cerulean Law.  The Foe still rages against the bars of his cage, and betimes his nightmares still take physical form in this world, but as long as the Archons watch over and guide mankind, Arcaria will nevermore be a land of darkness.


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