Cerulean Law

The Cerulean Law is the set of commands given by the Archons at the end of the Great War that establishes the world's governing order.  The commands are:

I. The Archons are the rightful leaders and guardians of the mortal races.

II. Each Archon shall maintain the peace and order of their Dominance.

III. No mortal creature shall attempt to access or travel to the prison of The Foe.

IV. All manifestations of The Foe's will that enter into and remain in the world shall be cleansed by the Archons or their Exarchs.

V. The Archons will, at the times of their choosings, convene the Summit of Ascension to raise up to Exarch those mortals that display righteous devotion.

VI. All laws not given by the Archons shall be left to the free and unfettered determination of the mortal races.

Cerulean Law

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